First International Ragweed Workshop

First International Ragweed Workshop

During the last International Congress on Aerobiology in Parma, there was the first International Ragweed Workshop organized by the International Ragweed Society.

After an introduction by Maira Bonini, there were several talks about ragweed:

  • Allergy to ragweed and allergens involved (by Michel Thibaudon)
  • Ragweed in Europe: how to identify different species and understand their invasive potential (by Chiara Montagnani)
  • How to distinguish Ambrosia pollen from other similar pollens? (by Branko Sikoparija)
  • How to manage the Ambrosia plants? (by Rea Maria Hall)
  • The ragweed leaf beetle Ophraella Communa: its taxonomy, morphology and biology (by Heinz Mueller-Scharer)

The booklet with the slides of all these talks is now available. You can dowload it by clicking on the following links:

Part 1Part 2

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