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An International Ragweed Society conference in Budapest

An International Ragweed Society conference in Budapest

On September 8 and 9th 2022, scientists from nearly fifteen countries met in Budapest for an international conference organized by the International Ragweed Society.

Ragweed and its pollen is a fundamental natural, economic, human and environmental health problem in many countries around the world. In especially infected countries, the total damage caused by ragweed is significant. For example, in Hungary this damage can reach around 1% of the annual GDP.

The weight and importance of the conference is increased by the fact that ragweed spreads further north with climate change and its pollen concentration increases. So, on the one hand, its health effects also increase and extend to new areas, and on the other hand it causes enormous damage to the cultivated agricultural crops, which – as food shortage is one of the future greatest risk – is an increased challenge for science.

During this conference, nearly thirty oral communications were presented.  The topics covered at the conference were the following: Distribution of ragweed species; Agricultural impacts; Economic costs; Authorities and institutions; Aerobiology: expansion of ragweed, spread of ragweed pollen; Pollen transport; Monitoring (classic and real-time); Forecast; Treatment and control methods (chemical, physical, biological, cultural, integrated, etc.); Ragwort and climate change, as well as health aspects (allergen, effect, diagnosis, therapy, etc.).

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The French ragweed observatory recorded interviews of some european researchers that you can find here :

This congress was also an opportunity for the IRS committee to meet for its general assembly and to elect its new members. Thus, László MAKRA from the University of Szeged in Hungary was elected as the new president of the IRS. He succeeds Michel THIBAUDON (France) who chaired the IRS since 2018.


Below are some slides presented during the congress:


Other pictures:



Please find the issue of July 2022 of the French observatory Letter on our website, : click here to consult it

This newsletter aims to provide general and scientific information on the latest news concerning ragweed species and other high-stake species for human health.

In this issue :
– Oak and pine processionary moths new frech regulation
Ostreopsis, look out for this summer micro-algae
Ambrosia and Bacillus, a winning duo
– Plants extracts for the Pine processionnary caterpillar management

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Declaration of the International Ragweed Society

Declaration of the International Ragweed Society

The International Ragweed Society (IRS) condemns the military invasion of Ukraine, an independent and sovereign state.

It is an action that violates international law, threatens the freedom, self-determination and peaceful coexistence of people.

Let us think of the immense suffering of the Ukrainian people.

The IRS reiterates its strong support and commitment to Ukraine’s independence.

IRS promotes scientific activities around the world by strongly condemning the war.

IRS will ensure financial support of Ukrainian scientists in the forthcoming scientific activities and events of our Society over the next years.

On behalf of the Society,

Michel Thibaudon, IRS President
Roberto Albertini, IRS Treasurer

ps: you can downoad the official declaration here