Ophraella Communa

Ophraella Communa

Sarah LABRUYERE and Marilou MOTTET from the French ragweed observatory ( http://www.ambroisie-blog.org/) took their microphone and camera to meet researchers working on Ophraella communa. Here is a 5 min video (in French)  to present the case of this chrysomelid which is predatory of Ambrosia artemisiifolia.

(with the participation of Bruno Chauvel and Heinz Mueller-Schaerer).

ICA Congress, 3-7 of September, Parma, Italy

ICA Congress, 3-7 of September, Parma, Italy


The 11th International Congress on Aerobiology will take place in Parma (Italy) for 3 to 7 of September, 2018.

The Congress may still seem far away, but it is approaching fast.

The call for abstracts has been open already for several weeks: http://www.ica2018.eu/Web/33/Abstract/

Some Associations and Societies are promoting useful grants for the participation of young researchers.

Springer Journal “Aerobiologia” will present a special issue to the conference (ADVANCES IN AEROBIOLOGY FOR THE PRESERVATION OF HUMAN AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH: A MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH) dedicated to the publication of short communications peer per view, among all those who will have an oral presentation during the congress. For this, there will be a special place for young researchers and for better abstracts sent.

In addition, a photo contest has been set up in which anyone in the different categories can participate with any photographic material that he thinks fit: http://www.ica2018.eu/Web/64/PHOTO-CONTEST.aspx

For more information, please visit the web site of the congress: http://www.ica2018.eu/

Short presentation of the congress: ICA2018

Action in Turkey in the Frame of IRD 2017

Action in Turkey in the Frame of IRD 2017

An information meeting took place the 18th July in Bulent Ecevit University.

Dr. Aycan Tosunoglu from Uludag University gave information about identification of ragweed in the field. She also emphasized the importance of early awareness against the threatening of ragweed.

Dr. Şenol Alan spoke about dramatic increase of ragweed pollen and Amb a 1 concentration in Zonguldak atmosphere: ragweed pollen concentration in Zonguldak has increased ten times for last ten years.

A study, including  researchers from four different university (Bulent Ecevit University, Ankara University, Uludag University and Kastamonu University), was presented. This study explains the use of a mobile phone application that is designed to monitor distribution of ragweed in Turkey.  This app is intended using by systematic botanists, personnel of Provincial directorate of agriculture, food and animal husbandry and Forestry directorate. The users could take picture and information of coordinate and send it to database using this app.

The app will be prepared within a month.

2017 International Ragweed Day in Bulent Ecevit University

International Ragweed Day – June 24, 2017

International Ragweed Day – June 24, 2017

What are ragweeds? Why worry? What do we know? What you can do?

Please find all the answers to these questions in this leaflet prepared by the International Ragweed Society (in collaboration with L’Observatoire des ambroisies) for the 2017 International Ragweed Day.


Below, an identification tool (funded by the EU-COST-Action FA-1203) about Ambrosia in Europe (habitus, leaves, seed). You can get the pdf file (English version and Italian version).