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Publications & press

28th October 2017

Ambrosia pollen source inventory for Italy: a multi-purpose tool to assess the impact of the ragweed leaf beetle (Ophraella communa LeSage) on populations of its host plant” – Authors:  M.Bonini, B.Sikoparija, C.Skoth, G.Cislaghi, P.Colombo, C.Testoni, A.I.A-R.I.M.A, POLLnet, M.Smith

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2nd June 2016:
“Is the recent decrease in airborne Ambrosia pollen in the Milan area due to the accidental introduction of the ragweed leaf beetle Ophraella communa?” – Authors: M. Bonini, B. Sikoparija, M. Prentovic, G. Cislaghi, P. Colombo, C. Testoni, L. Grewling, S. T. E. Lommen, H. Müller-Schärer , M. Smith” selected as “Must read” articles from 2015!Campaign “Change The World, One Article At A Time”, section “Earth and Environmental Sciences”To read the news:

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24th June 2015:
2015 International Raweed Day