Ragweed management and the potential benefit and risk of Ophraella communa in Northern Italy: Researchers meet their Stakeholder

Please find below the program of the conference which will be held October 28th, Friday (8h30-13h00) at the Congress Centre "Padri Oblati", Room "Mantovani Furioli", Rho (MI) - C.so Europa 228

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In case of technical problem to register yourself by using the dedicated website, it's possible to fulfill this form and send it to the following e-mail address: formazioneparabiago@ats-milano.it before October 21st.

General Assembly

During SMARTER meetings in Vianden was held the IRS General Assembly.


6th European Symposium on Aerobiology

During 5 days (between 18th and 22nd of July 2016) was held the 6th European Symposium on Aerobiology in Lyon (France). One afternoon was dedicated to ragweed during a IRS-COST SMARTER joint session.
1 lecture, 10 oral presentations and 7 posters were scheduled:

Bruno Chauvel:

Has allergy to pollen not increased the spread of common ragweed?

Estimating the economic effects of Ophraella communa on common ragweed pollen risks in South-Eastern France.
Matt Smith:

Analysis of airborne Ambrosia pollen in Europe within the framework of Cost SMARTER.
Heinz Müller-Schärer:

Risk assessment of the leaf beetle Ophraella communa, a biological control candidate for Ambrosia artemisiifolia.
Suzanne Lommen:

The potential impact of an exotic beetle on ragweed pollen in Europe.
Maira Bonini:

Ophraella communa and ragweed pollen reduction in the air of Northern Italy.

Relationships between ragweed and mugwort pollen seasonal parameters and assessment of their potential impact on health.

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