Announcing the International Ragweed Day - June 24, 2017

Based on the proposition of allergologist Prof. Dr. Kristof Nekam and Dr. Tamas Komives the General Assembly of IRS (held in Ascona, Switzerland on October 6, 2011) proclaimed the first Saturday of the summer The International Ragweed Day (IRD) to increase understanding and awareness of the problem this invasive weed causes all over the world. The day was chosen because it is early in the growing season of the plant thereby gives enough time for preparations and actions.

We are inviting our members to take part in the organizing work.

GEO&GEO: Ambrosia near Milano with Maira Bonini

Here is a video from the "GEO&GEO" program on Italian TV about a documentary on ragweed (at min 56:54, 1min30):

Leonardo: Smarter on Italian TV

A documentary on the Italian TV station (RAI: Leonardo on 17 November 2016) on the Ambrosia-Ophralla field experiments in Northern Italy (at min 10.20):

External evaluation of SMARTER: highly successful Action

An external expert has evaluated SMARTER Action, based on the Final Action Report that was submitted concerning the entire duration of the Action.
The Action was valued a lot: "This was a highly successful action that contributed new understanding to the general problem of aggressive invasive species and more particularly proposed management schemes to limit the damage and spread of a particularly aggressive European invader. This combination of basic scientific knowledge and applied management schemes is one of the great strengths of this action."
Find here the full summary.

PhD studentship in aerobiology

The University of Worcester offers a number of research studentships each year. These are usually three-year, full-time doctoral research studentships. On project is on fungal spores while the second is on grass. Both projects involves traditional aerobiological methods using Burkard traps but also genomic approaches and drone technology.

The titles are:
- "Aerobiology: Detecting spatial and vertical concentrations of fungal spores in the atmosphere using bioinformatics and drone technology"
- " Aerobiology: Phenology of grass flowering at the species level"

The projects are announced here:

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