How to become a participant of SMARTER

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Download the SMARTER-Participant questionnaire incl EXAMPLE (
2014-02-20) as Word document (319 kB)

We are happy to welcome you to the SMARTER network!

If your country is already a party of our Action, please complete the steps below (A-C) to register as a SMARTER participant. In case your country is not part of our Action yet, and for any questions, please contact us directly at .

Looking forward to our collaboration,
Best wishes,

Heinz Müller-Schärer, Chair of the SMARTER Action
Suzanne Lommen, Administrative contact of the Action
University of Fribourg, Switzerland

A. Registration of personal details

  1. fill out the SMARTER-Participant questionnaire
  2. add a 2-page CV including passport photo (an example is included in the questionnaire)
  3. send both documents in one Word-file

B. Registration in e-COST

In order to be officially invited for meetings, you need to create an account in e-COST, the standard EU interface for all COST Actions:

Use the same email address as provided in the SMARTER questionnaire!

C. Registration for the Extranet

Our website has been launched at This site aims to inform the public and the SMARTER research community. Internal affairs are put in the Extranet (link at the far bottom of all pages). It includes information on all participants, shared documents and images, our SMARTER flyer, logo, and other corporate identity elements.

This Extranet is exclusively accessible for SMARTER participants, and requires registration. Please contact the webmaster to create an account.

When creating your account, do not use nick names, but use a combination of your real first name + last name as user name, so we know who is posting what.