Grants – Training Schools in Aerobiology

COST SMARTER is offering individual grants of € 800 for participation in aerobiology training Schools with special emphasis on ragweed. The 12th European Course on Basic Aerobiology will be held on the 20-26 July 2015 at the Faculty of Biology and Agriculture of the University of Rzeszów in southeastern Poland, and the 8th Advanced Aerobiology Course will be held on the 16-22 August 2015 at the Šiauliai University, Šiauliai, Lithuania.

More information is contained in the attached pdfs:

Training School_2015_Basic Aerobiology Course

Training School_2015_Advanced Aerobiology Course

In brief, applicants must submit the following:

1. CV outlining the applicant’s qualifications and current course
of study or employment (one page maximum)
2. A statement showing how the course will help the participant
contribute to the improvement of the COST network and how the
participant can take part to the activities of the SMARTER Action,
bearing in mind that one of the final goals of the Action is to create
a permanent network against ragweed (maximum 150 words)
3. The supporting statement signed by the applicant’s supervisor or
employer (maximum 150 words)

Note that reimbursement will only be given after the course has been
completed and after the following have been completed: (1) receipt of
the official record of attendance; (2) confirmation by the course
organiser; (3) presentation of a short report from each attendee.
Deadlines for applications are detailed in the attached call.
Participants will need to submit a scientific report to the Host
Institution within 30 days from the end date of the course.

Priority for grants will be given to PhD students and Early Stage