SMARTER@Neobiota Conference on invasive species


Prof. Heinz Müller-Schärer presenting the COST action SMARTER

A number of SMARTER members presented their work on ragweed at Neobiota 2014, the 8th International Conference on Biological Invasions: From understanding to action (3-8 November, Antalya, Turkey).

The 15 studies presented covered a range of different topics, including: distribution patterns and pathways of introduction in particular countries, understanding phenotypic variation and the invasion process, testing the effects of herbicides and biological control methods, and successful management strategies.

Poster presentations by SMARTER members about ragweed

Oral presentations by SMARTER members about ragweed

  • Uwe Starfinger (Germany): Can the invasion of common ragweed be halted? New insights from an international project
  • Baruch Rubin (Israel): Ambrosia confertiflora in Israel – weed invasion and possible management
  • Božena Mitić (Croatia): Invasive alien plants in Croatia – distributional patterns and range size
  • Hüseyin Önen (Turkey): The Black Sea highway: the route of common ragweed invasion in Turkey
  • Suzanne Lommen (Switzerland): A SMARTER approach to assess the impact of an established, exotic leaf beetle on invasive ragweed Europe
  • Heinz Müller-Schärer (Switzerland): The ragweed leaf beetle landed in Europe: fortunate introduction or threat?
  • Florencia Yannelli (Germany): Limiting similarity by functional group resemblance: Preventing plant invasion during grassland restoration