2013/11 SMARTER meeting on protocols and modelling


The Julius Kühn Institute, venue of the Berlin meeting. Photo: Peter Tóth.

The SMARTER meeting on protocols and modelling was held at the Julius Kühn Institute, which is located in the South West of Berlin, on the 25-27 November 2013. The local organiser of the meeting was Uwe Starfinger. Forty-two participants attended the meeting. Participants included SMARTER members and invited experts from the UK who presented their work on modelling Ambrosia distribution (Daniel Chapman from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology/National Environment Research Council, and Jonathan Storkey from Rothamsted Research).

The main aim of the meeting was to agree upon general protocols and models, and to ensure that: (1) everyone uses the same protocol; (2) resulting data are suitable as input for models; (3) different models (e.g. plant distribution, pollen distribution, cost-benefit analysis) can be linked.

Opportunities for conducting research within the framework of the European Commission’s Research and Innovation programme “Horizon 2020” were also presented and discussed (introduction on Horizon 2020 presented by Matthias Held from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland).

The following topics were examined during the meeting:

Working Group 1 – Biological control protocols

  • Biocontrol impact studies (general) – Urs Schaffner
  • Biocontrol host specificity – Massimo Cristofaro & Marion Seier
  • Native insects sampling – Romain Scalone & Peter Toth
  • Seed sampling – Heinz Müller-Schärer & Suzanne Lommen
  • Plant population dynamics – Eelke Jongejans & Suzanne Lommen

Working Group 2 – Vegetation management protocols

  • Sowing/cutting regimes – Ivana Milakovic
  • Soil seed bank protocol – Gerhard Karrer

Working Group 4 – Management evaluation protocols

  • Plant & pollen spread – Matt Smith & Carsten Skjoth
  • Health – Letty de Weger
  • Economics – Antoine Champetier & Alfons Oude Lansink

WG1 discussions during the meeting. Photo: Peter Tóth.