SMARTER Final synthesis meeting

A final synthesis meeting for COST SMARTER will be held at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) 31 October – 2 November 2016.

The meeting aims to bring together key players (leaders of the various WGs and TFs) of COST SMARTER to further advance our achievements by discussing synthesis publications on the topics listed below:

(i) linking aerobiology to ecology to monitor ragweed (all species) abundances and distribution throughout Europe

(ii) impact of management (cutting, competitive vegetation, biocontrol) on ragweed performance, population dynamics and spread, and on aerial pollen

(iii) linking the biology of Ophraella to the impact on plant performance, population dynamics, pollen release, aerial pollen concentration and public health economics

(iv) evaluation of management success (continue discussion of Lyon and Vianden)

(v) guidelines on best practices (habitat- and region specific)

(vi) relationships between pollen in the air and public health

(vii) final agreements on the website