2015-01 SMARTER Task Force Northern Countries meeting, COST Office in Brussels

The Task Force Northern Countries meeting was organised by Carsten Skjoth from the University of Worcester, and took place on the 20 January 2015 before the start of the SMARTER Core Group and Management Committee meetings that were held at the COST Office in Brussels.

The objective of the Task Force meeting was to identify sustainable, substantial and long term collaboration among the Northern countries, in particular the North Sea Region. The North Sea region was selected because it is the major geographical risk area (in relation to population exposure) that has not yet been invaded by ragweed but has the potential to be invaded.

SMARTER Brussels 20150120_01

Meeting of the “Task Force Northern Countries”. Photo by Christian Ries.


Carsten Skjoth, University of Worcester, co-ordinator of the “Task Force Northern Countries”. Photos by Christian Ries.