Short Term Scientific Missions

STSMs are short visits of a SMARTER participant to a host institution in another COST country, near-neighbouring country or to a SMARTER institution in a non-COST country (see the list of approved SMARTER parties). The aim is to exchange knowledge or foster collaborations.

STSMs are open to all network participants actively participating in the network, but are predominantly aimed at PhD students and early stage researchers.

STSMs are implemented within SMARTER in the frame of Task 5 on Training, knowledge and technology transfer.



Reports of STSMs

  • 2016/11. Rea Maria Hall, Austria to: France. PDF. Applying newly developed microsatellites to study the population genetics of Ambrosia psilostachya.
  • 2016/11. Chiara Montagnani, Italy to: Austria. PDF. Compilation of distribution data of Ambrosia species in Italy and Europe.
  • 2016/11. Suzanne Lommen, Switzerland to: Austria. PDF. Improving understanding of Ambrosia seed biology for demographic models.
  • 2016/11. Shahid Farooq, Turkey to: Switzerland. PDF. Predicting the potential spread areas of invasive common ragweed in Turkey.
  • 2016/10-11. Yan Sun, Germany to: Switzerland. PDF. Oviposition preference and larval performance of Ophraella communa on different Ambrosia artemisiifolia mother plants: does Ophraella discriminate?
  • 2016/10. Benno Augustinus, Switzerland to: Italy. PDF. Assessing risk of Ophraella communa feeding on native endangered species and range expansion.
  • 2016/06-08. Gerhard Karrer, Austria to: Italy. PDF. Morphological and synecological deteriation of European Ambrosia species in the northern Mediterranean.
  • 2016/06. Suzanne Lommen, Switzerland to: Italy. PDF. Assessing the impact of Ophraella communa on ragweed performance.
  • 2016/06. Sun Yun, Germany to: Switzerland. PDF. Defence in native vs. invasive Ambrosia artemisiifolia.
  • 2015/10-11. Rea Maria Hall, Austria to: Sweden. PDF. Intra-populational genetic diversity and adaptability of European populations of Ambrosia artemisiifolia.
  • 2015/08. Peter Tóth, Slovak Republic to: Switzerland. PDF. Ophraella communa non-target survey.
  • 2015/07-08. Alla Aleksanyan, Armenia to: France. PDF. Test of potential EST-& SSR markers on different populations of common ragweed of Armenia.
  • 2015/07. Levente Kiss, Hungary to: UK. PDF. Deciphering the biology of Phyllachora ambrosiae, an enigmatic fungal pathogen of common ragweed.
  • 2015/07-08. Yan Sun, Switzerland to: France. PDF. Interferences from QST – FST comparisons: adaptive fivergence in ragweed populations.
  • 2015/05. Aleksandra Savic, Serbia to: Switzerland. PDF. Training in experimental methods in population dynamics and biological control.
  • 2015/05. Caspar Hallmann, The Netherlands to: Switzerland. PDF. Setup Data analysis Workflow, Data validation and preliminary analysis of readily collected data.
  • 2015/05. Daria Bilinska, Poland to: UK. PDF. HYSPLIT Model: Simulation of emission and transport of Ambrosia artemisiifolia pollen.
  • 2015/05. Rea Hall, Austria to: Germany. PDF. Designing experiments on invasion resistance.
  • 2015/04. Gerhard Karrer, Austria to: U.K. and Italy. PDF. A morphological study to make an Ambrosia determination key for Europe.
  • 2015/02-04. Silvia Ciappetta, Italy to: Switzerland. PDF. Collaboration to assess the impact of Ophraella communa on ragweed pollen allergenicity.
  • 2015/04. Benno Augustinus, Switzerland to: The Netherlands. PDF. Create a demographic model for O. communa that can be linked to its host plant.
  • 2015/04-05. Matt Smith, UK to: Serbia. PDF. Studies in Aerobiology.
  • 2015/01-02. Melinda Leitsch Vitalos, Austria to: Switzerland. PDF. Analisys and interpretation of ragweed soil seed bank data.
  • 2015/01-02. Claudia Testoni, Italy to: UK. PDF. Aerobiological assessment of A. artemisiifolia pollen release in Italy: regional scale approach.
  • 2015/02. Branko Sikoparija, Serbia to:UK. PDF. Modelling ragweed airborne pollen dispersal using the particle dispersion model HYSPLIT.
  • 2014/10-11. Romain Scalone, Sweden to: France. PDF. Test of potential EST- & SSR markers on different populations of common ragweed.
  • 2014/08-09. Peter Tóth, Slovakia to: Switzerland. PDF. Insect on ragweed across habitats and regions.
  • 2014/05. Branko Sikoparija, Serbia. PDF.Seasonal variations in the amount airborne ragweed pollen in Milan in relation to environmental factors.
  • 2013/10-11. William Ortmans, Belgium to: France. PDF. Ambrosia artemisiifolia seed collection along a latitudinal gradient in Western Europe.
  • 2013/11. Suzanne Lommen, Switzerland to: The Netherlands. PDF
    Developing a population model for Ambrosia artemisiifolia.
  • 2013/10. Ona Auskalniene, Lithuania to: Austria. PDF
    Methodology for soil sampling to estimate Ambrosia seeds.
  • 2013/7-8. Yan Sun, Switzerland to: China. PDF
    Common ragweed seed collections in China at sites exposed to herbivory.
  • 2013/7-8. Heinz Müller-Schärer, Switzerland to: China. PDF
    Strengthening our research collaboration with China within SMARTER.
  • 2013/7. Massimo Cristofaro, Italy to: Serbia. PDF
    Surveying ragweed populations in Serbia for herbivores and pathogens.