WG 3 – Integration of management options


  • Integration of the long-term control measures developed in WG 1 and 2 with available short-term management measures
  • Coordinate and promote experimental research on the optimal combination of management schemes
  • Mechanistic modelling of ragweed population dynamics, with particular emphasis on the soil seed bank

Expected deliverables

  • Recommendations for experimental assessment of integrated Ambrosia management measures, depending on region, habitat (including cropping systems) and stage of invasion
  • Develop Ambrosia population models for different habitats to evaluate and model impact of management measures at the local scale
  • Protocol for the quick but reliable determination of ragweed in the soil seed bank
  • Scientific publications on the combined use of biological, chemical and bio-preventive weed control measures, and stakeholder report on options for combinations of region and habitat-specific management measures


SMARTER_Per-Nielsen-KudskPer Nielsen Kudsk (DK), co-ordinator

Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University, Denmar
Personal Website, Aarhus University
SMARTER_Bruno-ChauvelBruno Chauvel (FR), substitute

UMR Biologie et gestion des adventices
INRA, Dijon, France
Personal webpage , INRA