Policy support (Task 6)

SMARTER will assist, support and encourage national and EU institutions in the implementation of regulations concerning a) the import and release of Biocontrol (BC) agents and b) European-wide Invasive Alien Species (IAS) management. The Ambrosia project will become a model of how to improve and harmonize procedures to introduce macrobial (insects in our case) and microbial (pathogens) BC agents into Europe.

The action not only aims to develop European-wide recommendations to manage the model IAS Ambrosia and to implement them, but it will also serve as a template for developing and conducting region- and habitat-specific management plans against other IAS in Europe. The experience gained in this Action will be summarized in a document outlining a generic strategy to develop management plans against a wide range of IAS across biogeographic regions and political boundaries. Thus, this document will provide a tool to implement European-wide action plans against IAS.