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Identification leaflet on all 6 ragweed species in Europe

The SMARTER Taxonomy Group produced a brochure on the identification of 6 ragweed species in Europe for scientists, stakeholders and the general public. It contains pictures of plants, leaves, and seeds and an up-to-date overview of their biological characteristics.

Leaflet of 6 Ambrosia Species (low quality pdf)

Guidelines for management of common ragweed Ambrosia artemisiifolia – Euphresco 2009

The guidelines for management of common ragweed are based on the results of the
project Strategies for Ambrosia control (AMBROSIA) funded by Euphresco 2008 – 2009.

The project Strategies for Ambrosia control has generated new knowledge on common ragweed’s ecology and on the effect of different control measures. This has been elaborated to formulate best-bet strategies for control (see chapter 9).
The objective of “Guidelines for management of Ambrosia” is to provide European authorities, private landowners, gardeners, constructors, birdseed producers, trade companies dealing with agricultural products with scientifically based, but simple and operative practical management methods to prevent further invasion and reduce the abundance of common ragweed.

Authors: Rita Merete Buttenschøn, Stephanie Waldispühl and Christian Bohren.

Download the guideline (Pdf 5.5 MB)

These guidelines are also available in 6 languages at the project homepage:
EUPHRESCO project AMBROSIA 2008-09.