2014/05 – 4th International Symposium on Weeds and Invasive Plants

May 18-23, 2014, Montpellier, France

The international symposium « Agricultural Weeds and Plant Invaders » was initiated in 2006 and takes place once every three years in a European country (Portugal in 2006, Croatia in 2008, and Switzerland in 2011). This event brings together over 100 scientists and managers who share a strong interest in the Biology, Ecology and methods of controlling invasive plants in cultivated and natural habitats as well as urban areas.

In the edition of 2014, our COST Action SMARTER organises a half day session on ragweed (May 22), covering aspects from biology to impact on society and economy. Everyone working with Ambrosia artemisiifolia is invited to submit an abstract for a contribution via the website of the Conference.