Program IRS Symposium – 2020 SEPTEMBER 14th

Program IRS Symposium – 2020 SEPTEMBER 14th

For the reason of COVID 19, we decided that our IRS symposium will not be organized in VODICE (Croatia) but only online

To participate online, you must join the symposium 30 minutes before with the Microsoft teams link.

The links will be communicated one week before.

If you just want to see the symposium without asking questions, you can join the symposium with the Youtube Live link.

Before the General Assembly, eight oral presentations and one poster will be at the agenda.

Each presentation will be around 20 minutes long.

The following program can be modified in function of presenters :

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS IRS Ragweed Symposium – 14th September 2020 – Vodice (Croatia)

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS IRS Ragweed Symposium – 14th September 2020 – Vodice (Croatia)

The IRS will organize its General Assembly on September 14th in Vodice, Croatia, just before the 11th International Conference on Biological Invasions (Neobotia 2020 : ).

On this occasion, a short symposium is organized which will deal with Ambrosia topics.

Both oral communication (20 minutes) and poster presentations are welcome.

If you are working on ragweed, you can apply to this call of abstracts to present your work to global Ambrosia experts.

Deadline for abstracts submission: August 1st

Decision on abstracts: August 14th

Free Registration (registration form)

See the call for abstract :



During the international conference EMAPI 2019 Prague, the French Ragweed Observatory interviewed some researchers about Ambrosia species in their country.

The third person interviewed is from Hungary : Zoltán Botta-Dukát D.Sc. From the Centre for Ecological Research, Institute of Ecology and Botany, Vácrátót

International ragweed day 2020

International ragweed day 2020

The General Assembly of IRS proclaimed in 2011 that the first Saturday of the summer will be The International Ragweed Day (IRD) to increase understanding and awareness of the problem this invasive weed causes all over the world.

The day was chosen because it is early in the growing season of the plant thereby gives enough time for preparations and actions.

This year, the International Ragweed Day will be observed on June 20th, 2020.

International ragweed day in France

Every days from the 15th to 30th june, the French Ragweed Observatory organise a serie of webinars. They will be diffused from 11.30 am to 12.00 am (Paris hour) with different sujects and actors.

More info on :

You want to participate? Write to the Observatory:

Health and climate change: the case of ragweed pollen allergy

Health and climate change: the case of ragweed pollen allergy

A round-table was held the 27th of January in Lyon focused on the allergy to ragweed pollens in a near future considering the climate change.

About 110 people from France and Belgium participated to this round-table.

The main topics covered were about:

  • state-of-the-art and which evolutions in France?
  • allergy to ragweed, a public health major issue
  • which new perspectives to enhance the fight against ragweed and improve the management of allergy sufferers?

Please find via the following link a file which sum-up (in French) the event: download