International Ragweed Day - June 25, 2016

What are ragweeds? Why worry? What do we know? What you can do?

Please find all the answers to these questions in this leaflet prepared by the International Ragweed Society for the 2016 International Ragweed Day.

Announcing the International Ragweed Day - June 25, 2016

Based on the proposition of allergologist Prof. Dr. Kristof Nekam and Dr. Tamas Komives the General Assembly of IRS (held in Ascona, Switzerland on October 6, 2011) proclaimed the first Saturday of the summer The International Ragweed Day (IRD) to increase understanding and awareness of the problem this invasive weed causes all over the world. The day was chosen because it is early in the growing season of the plant thereby gives enough time for preparations and actions.

We are inviting our members to take part in the organizing work.

IRS Grants

The International Ragweed Society (IRS) is pleased to offer 3 grants (2 oral presentations and 1 poster) for young ragweed researchers (under 35 years of age). Only applicants with an accepted abstract can be granted. Applications are expected from researchers studying any aspect of Ragweed and must be or become member of IRS (fee 2015-2016: 40€;

Those who are awarded a grant will receive a contribution of 450€ for their participation to the entire European Symposium on Aerobiology (ESA), Lyon 18-22 July 2016.

The application deadline is 14th March 2016.

For more details, click here.


Here is a radio report in English, about the link between climate change and the development of ragweed in France. It was broadcasted by Radio France International.

Listen to the broadcast


The 9th International Conference on Biological Invasions will take place from 14th to 16th September 2016 in Vianden (Luxembourg).
Biological invasions are one of the components of global change, causing dramatic impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems. NEOBIOTA 2016 will provide an international high-level forum to discuss how invaders respond to environmental change and their feed-backs. For more details, click here.

Press release ahead the International Ragweed Day

In the framework of the 2015 International Ragweed Day, EAACI, EAS, EFA and IRS made a press release to alert people and health authorities that more Europeans will be allergic to ragweed pollens if no measure is taken to reduce exposure.

Read the press release

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