MARK YOUR CALENDAR - April 3, 2014!

Third International Ragweed Conference

The conference will be held

on April 3-4, 2014 in Rho (Milan), Italy.

Conference Chairs are Maira Bonini (Local Health Authority Milan 1; Italian Association of Aerobiology - Italian Monitoring Network in Aerobiology [A.I.A.-R.I.M.A.]) and Tamas Komives (Plant Protection Institue, Hungary), Head Organizer of the 3rd IRC and President of the International Ragweed Society, respectively.

The conference will be jointly organized with "Ambrosia day, 2014 - Ragweed allergy: 15 years of prevention" (Local Health Authority Milan 1, Lombardy Region, Italy) and will focus on the harmful effects of the pollen of common ragweed in Europe. Basic research together with practical considerations in the field of pollen allergen genetics, aerobiology and meteorological aspects, human (and animal) health aspects and public health issues, ecological and management aspects will be emphasized, along with laboratory, pilot, and modeling studies leading to innovative approaches. Platform and poster presentations will be selected by the technical program committee from abstracts submitted for consideration.

Abstracts are due January 31, 2014.

The Final Program is downloadable here.

For updated information please visit the conference website.

General Assembly 2014

Congratulations for the Society's new leaders!

President: Dr. Maira Bonini, Italy

Vice President: Dr. Uwe Starfinger, Germany

Secretary General: Dr. Michel Thibaudon, France

Announcing the International Ragweed Day - June 21, 2014

Based on the proposition of allergologist Prof. Dr. Kristof Nekam and Dr. Tamas Komives (President of IRS) the General Assembly of IRS (held in Ascona, Switzerland on October 6, 2011) proclaimed the first Saturday of the summer The International Ragweed Day (IRD) to increase understanding and awareness of the problem this invasive weed causes all over the world. The day was chosen because it is early in the growing season of the plant thereby gives enough time for preparations and actions.

We are urging our members to take part in the organizing work.

Welcome to our organization

The Society has been created by researchers studying the common ragweed plant.

The main cause of allergy and pollen asthma in North America and Central Europe is pollen from ragweed (Ambrosia) a widespread genus in the Asteraceae. In Europe short or common ragweed (A. artemisiifolia) is prevalent.

This situation requires a tight monitoring of he plant and the implement of strong control strategy involving not only farmers but also the staff managing natural areas, road sides, building- and gravel industries.

The destruction of many single plant foci may help reducing the number of seeds produced and may slow therefore the spreading of ragweed.

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