International Ragweed Day - June 24, 2017

What are ragweeds? Why worry? What do we know? What you can do?

Please find all the answers to these questions in this leaflet prepared by the International Ragweed Society (in collaboration with L'Observatoire des ambroisies) for the 2017 International Ragweed Day.

Below, an identification tool (funded by the EU-COST-Action FA-1203) about Ambrosia in Europe (habitus, leaves, seed). You can get the pdf file (English version and Italian version).

International Ragweed Day - June 24, 2017

In the frame of the International Ragweed Day, AFEDA publish a document about the use of a drone to take pictures about fields with and without treatment against ragweed. Results will be presented during the next general assembly of AFEDA in September (click on the picture to download the corresponding pdf file).

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